We would like to announce to you the Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies Association, which we established in Ankara in order to contribute to the development and widespread of cognitive behavioral psychotherapies, which stand out in terms of scientific, applicability and usefulness among today's psychotherapy approaches.


The primary goal of the Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies Association is the implementation of cognitive behavioral psychotherapies by suitably qualified professionals in ideal standards and appropriate environments. For this purpose, to ensure the dissemination of information about cognitive behavioral psychotherapies; organizing national and international cognitive behavioral psychotherapy trainings, courses, congresses, continuing education meetings as well as conferences and symposiums; Participating in other scientific education activities, national and international congresses and meetings, and trying to represent cognitive behavioral therapists in national and international scientific congresses and meetings will be among the primary goals of our association. In parallel with these activities, we will also carry out studies to determine the necessary conditions for the training and certification of cognitive behavioral therapists and to ensure that therapists meeting these conditions are officially recognized (accredited) by the authorized institutions.


At the same time, to design and manage researches on cognitive behavioral psychotherapies in order to contribute to the development and application of the theory in scientific terms, to ensure the publication of these researches; magazines, newsletters, books, etc. Making publications, bringing original publications on this subject in foreign languages ​​to Turkish, preparing therapy application CDs and DVDs and ensuring their widespread distribution are among the other goals of our association.


While our association is working towards these purposes; Under the umbrella of cognitive behavioral psychotherapies, cognitive affective behavior therapy (rational emotional behavior therapy), cognitive therapy, problem solving therapy, acceptance and determination therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, discrimination-based cognitive therapy, motivational (motivational) interviews, etc. It will try to increase the knowledge and the number of practitioners in these areas by creating working units for each of the methods.


We welcome everyone who is interested in cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. We hope that this effort will lead to positive results in the field.





Mehmet Hakan Türkçapar, Halil Ertuğrul Köroğlu, Selçuk Aslan, Refia Aslıhan Sayın, Seher Olga Güriz, Gökçe Silsüpür, Kasım Fatih Yavuz, Serkan Akkoyunlu, Ahmet Emre Sargın, Özge Orbay